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The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved by John Bittles & Rebecca Elliott

The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved - Cover

Paperback Edition

PRICE: £8.99
ISBN: 9781838108144
DIMENSIONS: 256 × 226 × 20 mm


The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved is a heart-warming and thrilling tale about belonging, friendship and more. This debut by a duo of long-time book lovers celebrates the magic of bookshops, stories and books.

Our loveable hero lives in a bookshop. He is happy there, or at least he thinks he is. His pages are full of excitement, romance, daring deeds and adventure. But as he watches his friends being picked up by excited children, fawned over and carried away, he realises that what he wants most of all is to be loved. Taking matters into his own hands, he sets out on an epic journey of his own. Sneaking out of the bookshop he encounters many prospective friends, but none are quite right. Maybe the love he was seeking has been with him in the bookshop all along?

With beautiful illustrations throughout, The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved is sure to make your heart soar.

About John Bittles & Rebecca Elliott

John Bittles developed a love of books from a young age. He loves books so much in fact that he took a job in a bookstore so that he could be surrounded by them all day. This is his first story for children. He hopes to write a lot more.

Rebecca Elliott is an Ireland-based illustrator and designer. Rebecca loves to draw and tell stories and in her work explores her curiosities... She hopes to inspire others to be curious!

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