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New Publication: The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved

The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved - Cover

No Alibis Press is delighted to announce that our next publication will be our first ever children's picture book, The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved, written by John Bittles and illustrated by Rebecca Elliott.

A magical and enchanting debut, The Book Who Wanted to Be Loved will capture the hearts of readers with its celebration of bookshops, stories, and the power of books. Penned by a dynamic duo of long-time book lovers, this extraordinary tale is set to win over the hearts of readers of all ages.

In the heart of a cosy bookshop resides our lovable hero, content with his existence or so he believes. Brimming with excitement, romance, daring deeds, and adventure within his pages, he watches as his friends are chosen by excited children, adored, and carried away.

It is at this moment that he yearns for something moreā€”to be loved. Fuelled by this desire, he embarks on an epic journey, venturing beyond the confines of the bookshop. Along the way, he encounters numerous prospective friends, but none seem to fit perfectly. Could it be that the love he seeks has been within the bookshop all along?

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